OKAY SO I’VE BEEN THINKIN’ about actually selling a LIMITED amount of these. It could possibly be any photo of mine unless under contract and I would make it affordable. BUT THE THING IS—-would anyone actually purchase one? It’s been on my head for a few days and I think that some people miiiight like it.

and to be honest, I’m extremely broke at the moment. I would get a job if I had a car but even if I did, I’m just so consumed in school right now (especially when I’m graduating soon so I’m working on stuff nonstop) and I feel like I would possibly explode. 

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? Would people be interested in these? Or am I crazy?

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  2. ryan-otrillz said: i’d buy an anthony green one! how much are you thinking?
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    So I’m really stoked that some of you guys are into this! Prices will probably range from $25-30. If most of you think...
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  6. riseamongruin said: I’ll take both of the fun. ones for my best friends birthdays! Payment plan it up!
  7. thedevil-wears-westwood said: I would definitely buy one. I love your photos.
  8. mylifehasvalue said: I’d deff buy one if the price is reasonable, I love the photos you took of fun. and I’ve been dying to get a poster of theirs for a while now
  9. rachelmichellel said: yes. in fact, id buy the anthony one from you right now if i could.
  10. truthaboutrachel said: Do you have any really good shots of All Time Low your would like to sell? If its an affordable price for me (since I as well don’t have a job) I would love to buy one.
  11. iamweakness-iamgreatness said: I would love to buy one!
  12. likesuperwee said: I think these are crazy awesome but I’m broke as well ;-;
  13. staaayygolddd said: Yes yes yes.